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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chk-In cam any different compares with other systems on the market?

Multi-functionality is what sets Chk-In Cam apart from all the other surveillance options available. Monitoring your personal property is only important when you cannot be there. So, Chk-In redefines surveillance by making it possible to Chk in when you need to, and performs other duties when you are home.

Does Chk-In Cam support wireless USB Mouse or Keyboard?

Yes, simply insert the USB Mouse or Keyboard's Receiver into Chk-In Cam's USB port located in the back of the camera and you will be able to type and navigate the screen with the USB mouse and keyboard.

Can I set up my Chck-In Cam anywhere in my home?

After you have register the camera, you can move the camera to a different location. However, similar to a cell phone, where a strong signal is necessary in order for you to hear the other party. Chk-In Cam also requires a strong Wi-Fi signal in order to operate at its best. A signal strength icon is prominently displayed on the top right hand corner of the Live Preview screen giving you an estimated signal strength the camera is currently receiving.

Can I use the Skype feature on Chk-In Cam while the camera is monitoring the house?

No, Skype and other video applications requires the use of the camera. To use Skype, you must exit Chk-In's surveillance app.

Can I use Chk-In Cam outdoors?

Chk-In Cam is designed for indoor use. We’ll soon be releasing a housing that allows you to use it outdoors. Watch this space!

When I Chk-In on my kids or pets, will I be able to hear them?

You sure can! With Chk-In Cam you can hear and see your home, no matter where you may be.

My house is supposed to be empty while I’m out: can I get alerts if there’s any action?

Set up Motion or Sound alerts, and as soon as anything moves or when Chk-In hears a loud sound, it notifies you by sending you an email or SMS alert!

Can I edit the footage?

Yes, you can download the video clip and then save it on your PC or MAC. After the video is downloaded, you can use your favorite video editing app to edit the footage.

Can I use Chk-in for gaming and other apps when I’m at home?

You can use the Chk-in system for music, gaming, or anything you have downloaded an app for when you don’t need the surveillance feature.

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